As with all water-sports, it's vital that you do your research before heading out on your ISUP. Lakes, rivers and of course the open waters of our seas and oceans all have their own sets of hazards. Understanding your environment will make for a more enjoyable and safer experience.Tides, weather and wind direction are just some of the many things you should check out. How busy are the waterways that you will travelling on? Are the rivers fast flowing? Is there white-water and rapids?

Additionally, you should also always respect the natural environment you are in. What kind of wildlife may you encounter? Are their nesting birds, that will be scared off by your presence? What mammals might you find?

Much of what you do will require a little bit of common sense. And to help you on your way, we have included some links to some great website and apps, which we don’t think you can do without!


Magic Seaweed LogoMSW is the oldest, most popular and most detailed free long range surf forecast on the web. Everything that you need, to predict waves, swell, wind direction and more. With webcams, news, features, videos, photos and live reporting, this really is the font of all knowledge when it comes to getting out there on the water.  


Met Office logo

There are plenty of options out there for you when it comes to checking the weather. But when it comes to reliability and technology the Met Office take things to the next level. It's here that you can check out long and short range forecasts, weather maps, wind, precipitation, air pressure and much more. And did you also  know that the Met Office is responsible for keeping our armed forces safe as they plan their missions around the weather? Everything is based on world-leading science together with relationships with their global partners. This means that you can plan your trip here or abroad.


This fantastic organisation will provide you with all the knowledge you need when it comes to SUPing. BSUPA (The British Stand Up Paddle Association) is a Not For Profit, organisation and is run entirely by volunteers. They lead the development of the sport through training/coaching schemes for UK SUP schools, National and International Championship events, fun SUP events and furthermore, BSUPA provides third party insurance for its members through Bluefin Sport Insurance Ltd.


The sea can provide you with unlimited fun and adventure! You should also be aware that if you don't plan ahead, conditions can change quickly! We would always advise that you tell someone if you are heading out to sea on your own. Whether that be friends or family. We would also advise that if you make sure you know where your nearest RNLI station is. They rescue hundreds of people who get in to danger from the sea every year. We provide waterproof phone cases with every paddle board for this very reason!