Red Snapper Sports inflatable stand up paddle boards, have been manufactured to a high specification, giving the rider an authentic, fun and safe experience. The stunning designs are influenced by Hawaiian and Californian surf and longboard culture, with more than a nod to the origins of the sport. 

All our boards have been through a rigorous quality control process and come with the required certification and manufacturers warranty:

The design process: Our manufacturer uses the most technologically advanced, rigid, high-density drop-stitch, as well as double-sided, reinforced Polymer (PVC), meaning your board won't warp. The top, bottom and sides of your paddle board are reinforced, providing durability and guarding against punctures and air loss.

Deck pad: We have ensured that the deck pad is made from high quality EVA foam, which provides superior comfort and grip. The pad extends across three quarters of the paddle board, to reduce the risk of slipping. It also makes these boards the perfect choice for those wishing to try SUP Yoga.

Included in your Red Snapper Sports inflatable SUP package is everything you need at home or on your travels!

High-pressure pump & integrated pressure gauge: Your board can be pumped to a recommended PSI of 15 - 17 (optimal) with a maximum PSI of 25 (pounds per square inch) using an industry-best, high-pressure, double-action pump, with integrated pressure gauge. It inflates in around 7 minutes, depending on your fitness and can be deflated and packed up in approximately the same amount of time. 

Paddle: This comes in three pieces for ease of transport and is made from sturdy lightweight aluminium. The teardrop design enables immediate power in the catch of the water, meaning that you use less energy and can paddle for longer periods of time.

Leash: Coiled Ankle/calf leash, suitable for flat conditions inland or on the sea. (not suitable for SUP surfing)

Large removable Centre Fin: This has been designed to release under impact, to reduce damage to the board. The fin can be inserted and removed when the board is inflated.

Repair kit: Our kit is standard includes glue, patches and a valve wrench.

Backpack: Your paddle board comes with its own heavy-duty mesh backpack, including front storage pouch for accessories. You can drain out any sand and water easily and It’s great for carrying all your gear. This enables you to literally go wherever you choose, whether it is by rail, ferry, car or good old leg power!


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