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“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results”

Wade Boggs

When people talk about "brand ambassadors", it means many different things to different people. Some look for positions of power and influence, while others consider sporting prowess to be a key factor. For some it is brains and for others it's brawn. We hear the phrase “Social Media Influencer” all the time these days - and apparently having 100,000 followers plus qualifies you for just about anything! 

To us here at Red Snapper Sports, it means this ….. 


And this years brand ambassador Colleen Fraser Jones has this in abundance! 

This week,  The Wild Side  looks at Colleens journey with us over the last twelve months. Here’s what happened and why she is the perfect choice to be the face for our humble little SUP business!

June 2018

Red Snapper Sports launches its competition to ‘Win A Stand Up Paddle Board”. It goes live on Facebook and we have over 200 entries over the course of 7 days!

July 2018

On the 11th July, we announce our winner! Colleens name is picked out of the hat. She was over the moon, having just started her SUP journey. She had purchased a second hand SUP a month or so before - which swiftly got gifted to her partner Austin!


August 2018

Colleen and family get presented with the winning paddle board. It means everything to us - but more importantly, we can see how much it means to Colleen! 

September 2018

We enrol Colleen in to the “Red Snapper Academy” as our official first student. Her SUP confidence starts to grow and she became a firm paddle buddy. Meanwhile, skateboarding partner Austin, starts to become a regular on the water - as does son Harvey.

October 2018

We are delighted to hear that Colleen has got married to long term partner Austin, in a secret ceremony in Vegas, with Harvey by their side as best man. Followed by a honeymoon in the spiritual home of surf and skateboarding - California!! 

December 2018

Despite the freezing cold temperatures, Colleen is out with her SUP, flying the flag for Red Snapper!  

March 2019

Winter passes, Spring is here. The flowers are out and so are the paddle boards! 

April 2019

Its starting to become clear that this isn't just an occasional hobby for Colleen!!

May 2019

Not only is Colleen turning in to a somewhat excellent paddle boarder, she starts to embrace her inner mermaid! 

June 2019

With optimism and hope in the air, as the summer solstice arrives and departs in the blink of an eye ....... Colleens 12 months of blue is complete! And it is with eternal gratitude that we invite her to join us at Paddle Round The Pier, as ambassador, friend and part of our Red Snapper Family!

This is what Colleen had to say ....

"A year ago I had never been in the sea unless it was to skinny dip or the odd swim! This all changed when I entered a Red Snapper Sports competition & I was lucky enough to win a full SUP package !!! I really couldn’t believe my luck!!

One year on now & my Red Snapper Sports paddle board has become a huge part of my life. Encouraging me to get out into the sea & embrace the ocean. With all this combined I feel honoured & privileged to be asked to be sup ambassador for this outstanding SUP brand. 

An ever growing company which actually cares about the ocean & environment -to be part of the ever growing Red Snapper Sports family is the most fantastic opportunity.

Most importantly I have made lifelong friends with the same view in mind & a future to behold"❤️

July 2019

We take great pleasure in presenting Colleen with a brand new 2019 Red Snapper as a thank you for being such a positive and happy representative of our brand. In terms of spreading the Aloha spirit, we couldn't have asked for more. 

What started as a fun competition a year ago, has grown in to something much bigger and more amazing than we could have ever imagined. And for that Colleen..... WE SALUTE YOU! 


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