The summer continues to flourish here in the UK. 

There is no better time than now for trying out something new! And Red Snapper Sports has the answer!

“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same”. Anne Frank

With the continued exponential growth in stand up paddle boarding The Wild Side takes a look at some of the benefits of this exciting, yet relaxing sport and why you should be making the most of nature and everything it has to offer!

The reduction of stress

 Known as the silent killer, stress can take the form of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD and personality disorders. It can lead to psychotic tendencies, substance abuse, self-harm and even suicide. Imagine a place where you happy and at peace. The soothing sounds of the water lapping against the paddle board, the fresh sea air, the sensation of gliding over water, the sounds and sights of nature all around. No walls, no confines, no gym mats and no limitations. Pure bliss!

Increased intake of Vitamin D

 Known as the sunshine vitamin, this wonder vitamin has many great qualities. Studies have suggested that it may have protective effects against a range of health problems including osteoporosis, cancer, depression, heart attacks and strokes. By getting outside a few times a week on your paddle board, you will have a big impact on your “sunshine” levels.

Being happy reduces aches and pain

Studies have shown that happier people report far less negative medical symptoms like muscle strain, dizziness and heartburn, than their unhappy counterparts. Chronic pain has also been correlated to the symptoms of unhappiness. Happiness can help improve and combat severe long-term medical conditions and ultimately happiness can help improve quality of life and help you live longer!

It’s fun!

Let’s face it - happiness is good for the soul! And supping really does provide fun, laughter and happiness by the bucket load! But have you also considered that happy equals healthy? There are many studies to explain the reason for this. Research is finding direct links between happiness and a strong immune system. It is a big factor in combating stress, by helping to lower the cortisol levels (the stress hormone).

Connecting with nature!

Science is full of research as to why spending time outside, and being active, is beneficial to both adults and children. Feeling, seeing, smelling and breathing in the world around you is - self affirming and leaves you with waves of positivity. The calming benefits of water are well documented and when it’s just you, your board and endless views, anything seems possible! As Hans Christian Anderson was quoted saying “Just living is not enough … one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower

And here is one happy sea user connecting in more ways than she bargained for! 

Thats all from the Wild Side this week. Thanks for reading 🏄‍♀️ 

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