“I love Mallorca because this island has been created from the same energy than the love”

Dalai Lama

The beautiful Balearic Island of Mallorca has been a second home to me for as long as I can remember. I was first taken there as a child in the late 70’s and from that point onwards, it became a firm family favourite, as we made our annual pilgrimage there in the summer holidays.

My fondest childhood (and adult memories) are centred around the beautiful coastal resort of Port De Pollenca, situated in the north of the island. This is also the spiritual birth place of Red Snapper Sports, as the concept was born here, whilst sipping (not supping) on a cold drink, overlooking the bay.

This month saw the launch of Paddle Board Pollensa and Red Snapper Sports was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to support this start up business by supplying the paddle boards for the newest and most exciting SUP experience in the Balearics. 

This week The Wild Side gives you “Paddles and Pedals" - The Ultimate Guide to Your Stay In The Bay!

Anybody Up For SUP?

The team behind “Paddle Board Pollensa” offer rentals, tours, SUP yoga, sunset gatherings, workshops and much much more. With stunning sunrises peeking up from behind the mountains, crystal clear waters showcasing the array of beautiful marine life and wall to wall sunshine- this makes for a truly special experience and a wonderful way to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature.



Pedal Power

If Mallorca is the mecca of European road cycling, then Puerto De Pollenca is the Great Mosque. Cyclists travel from all over the World to base themselves here, while they explore the network of routes. Everything from the stunning coastal roads, mountain climbs with breathtaking views, to winding routes through the flat farmland, where the scent of the lemon trees, hangs heavy in the air. Bradley Wiggins declared his love for the town some ten years ago and that was that. The town was transformed to accommodate every level of cyclist from beginner to world champion racer. They don't always prove themselves to be popular to the less energetic tourists who opt for cars and attempt to get past the “pelotons” that are seemingly around every corner. But they bring considerable revenue to the town and I have to say - I love the array of colours and team shirts. You would almost be mistaken to thinking it was the Tour De France!

Sailaway with Tina

For an altogether more relaxing experience, why not let someone else do the hard work as you set sail across the bay on Tina! The history - A man by the name of Irving Johnson, had a dream of sailing the world and navigating the canals of Europe. He approached a design company Sparkman and Stephens who designed a yacht and named it the "Yankee". Launched in the 1959 Mr Johnson & his wife set sail & over many years travelled on board. They were featured in various articles in National Geographic and so after reading the articles, a German gentleman had the same dream to sail the world and his named was Hors van De Linden. So he had The Tina built from the same design as the Yankee.

Current Captain Leigh Norris, bought Tina, 10 years ago and turned her into charter yacht. She is one of  the largest private sailing yachts in the bay, with large sun decks, a diving board and large cockpit to escape the sun. Leigh has spent his life on the ocean waves and your can tell, as his expertise when it comes to sailing and the oceans is both fascinating and informative. He has lived in The Med since 1986 and calls it home. It’s a truly wonderful way to spend a day. And if you ask him nicely, he may even take you on a sunset cruise too!

Room with a view

If you are looking for accommodation, there is no shortage of stunning places to stay. Many of the hotels retain the charm of the 50’s and 60’s and are more reminiscent of the French Riviera. The Capri, The Sis Pins and The Miramar are all stunning examples of this. 

However, my personal favourite is the Hotel Daina. Overlooking the bay and boasting the only pool on the seafront. The incredible saltwater swimming pool with solarium opposite the hotel is set right into the sea and has been a landmark in town since the 70’s.

The rooms are modern and clean, the staff are overwhelmingly helpful and if you are lucky enough to have a room at the front of the hotel, you will witness the sunrise every day! 

When life gives you lemons

Staying on topic - The Hotel Daina is the proud owner of the Lemon Loung Bar. By day, pool bar - overseen by the impeccable Manolo. He is the host with the most. The most smiles, the most miles and the most impressive cocktails. The food is scrumptious and you can get everything from classic tapas to salads to freshly made bocadillo’s (sandwiches to you and me). 

In the evening it becomes a venue for live entertainment, with some of the best music acts that the island has to offer. It makes it the perfect setting for creating those beautiful holiday memories.

The steaks are high

The port is a gastronomers dream, with restaurants ranging in nationality ,style and entertainment. One of the comparative new kids on the block is the wonderful Tierra Del Fuegos. This Argentinian steak house is situated down one of the cobbled side streets and serves up a wonderful mixture of grilled meat and fish. And we all know the Argentinians have got it nailed when it comes to steak! They also serve a wonderful array of gin and tonics and beautifully fragranced cocktails and giving some of the classics a twist. 

Walk this way

The Pine Walk remains one of the most stunning features of the port. Approximately two miles long, it takes you from the centre of town to the outskirts.  As the name would suggest, the old pines line the walkway and the roots give it a gnarled appearance The Pine Walk is made up of large slabs, which have become smooth over the years. Small beach bars and cafes are intermittent. Your reward at the end? The iconic  Hotel Illa d'Or where crime novelist Agatha Christie wrote “Problems at Pollensa Bay” in the 1930’s. That and a sense of achievement as you look back across the bay and enjoy the stunning view,  with vino or cerveza in hand.

British poet and historical novelist Robert Graves “found perfect peace and tranquility  in Mallorca” and so will you. Just add water (SUP) and maybe a splash of gin (SIP) for the perfect getaway. 

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