Behind every good brand is a story of passion and dedication. 

In my case it was also a story of life and death! 

I've always been that "cliche" child that used to spend more hours in/on/under the water. The real love affair with the sea came from my many happy holidays as a child to a place called Puerto de Pollenca, Mallorca.

Back then of course, inflatable paddle boards were more commonly known by their "70's" name - the common "Lilo"! Early attempts at mounting these contraptions proved successful, and with many hours of practice - at the grand old of 5, I became the undisputed heavy weight of the oceans - destined for Olympic glory. Have I also mentioned that I am an only child with a vivid imagination?

Lilo'ing circa 1980                               

Throughout my life I have tried my hand at pretty much ever water sport going! Waterskiing, windsurfing, jetski's, surfing and my particular favourite - PADDLE BOARDING!!!

I literally eat, breathe and sleep the sea. From an age I was able to make a decision, I have ensured that I live close to water. Mexico, Canary Islands, Devon, Cornwall, Birmingham (well you cant get it right every time) and in recent years, the wonderful city of Brighton and Hove. I've always had a work hard, play hard mentality. 

However, three years ago, things changed for me. Completely out of the blue, I was hit with the news that no one wants to hear. I was diagnosed with cancer. Stage two, Hodgkins Lymphoma to be precise. 

Just like that - my "everything" was taken away from me. Cancer is not conducive to a life on the ocean waves. It strips away your energy, your self belief and worst of all, open water is not a friend of a compromised immune system. And so it was. I swapped the Big Sea for the "BIG C" and documented my journey in my blog Girl Sunshine

As a direct result, the last three years have given us (myself and the super hubs) the opportunity to re-assess our life goals and ambitions. Health has been a priority. As has lifestyle and life choices. The ocean has played a huge part in my recovery- both physically and mentally, and this has been largely down to paddle boarding. If anyone is any doubt, you can read all about the health benefits here

Having struggled with my recovery and the mental fall out of cancer, we purchased inflatable paddle boards and proceeded to spend as much time on the sea as we could. From this point onwards my health has improved dramatically. My strength has returned, so much so that I am regularly running and covering long distances on the paddle board and my mental health has gone from strength to strength due to the mindfullness that you experience when out on the sea.

What has this got to do with the launch of RED SNAPPER SPORTS?

An idea that came from a dark place and gave us hope for the future had finally come to fruition. A seed was sown and Red Snapper Sports was born. A life time of passion for the ocean. Three years of pain and fear. Countless hours and days wondering how we can make a difference. Months and months of research, design, construction, blood, sweat and tears (many tears) have all lead to this. Call it what you like. A dream? A calling? An unrelenting drive to pass on something that to me is so incredibly special? All of the above?

Today we launch the good ship Red Snapper and we hope that all that sail on her will be as passionate about paddle boarding as we are. 

Our inflatable stand up paddle boards have gone through a rigorous design process and unrivalled quality testing. The construction and technology used, match the best boards on the market and bridge the gap between quality and affordability.

Why choose Red Snapper Sports over other brands?

We are so confident in our product, that we would like to invite anyone down to our HQ in Brighton and Hove to see the boards for themselves and test them out. For those who cant visit us personally, we offer a "buy back" option for the first three months. 

Our commitment to making this accessible "for the many and not the few" means that we have kept our costs down, whilst maintaining the quality you would expect from a "top of the range" brand.

 Our customer service is second to none. We know from experience how daunting it can be choosing your first board. Knowing what is right for you, knowing the right questions to ask and committing yourself financially to a new hobby. We are here to answer your questions, show you how its done and hold your hand every step of the way.

So why don't you contact us today? You can find all the details on our website. Alternatively, give us a follow on Social Media, or sign up for our news letter! 

Thats all from the Wild Side this week. Thanks for reading 🏄‍♀️ 

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  • Great blog. The story just gets better and better (and harder) to read. Love the photo on the lilo!!! Xxx

    Sally Norris

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